Complete the Celebration of Holi Color Festival by Exchanging Gifts

The celebration of Holi Color Festival doesn’t end with Happy Holi greetings only. If you want to make it much colorful, then complete it by exchanging gifts!

Holi festival is celebrated in the month of February or March with the onset change in the weather. This announces the commencement of spring season. People with their family, friends, and kin fill the sky with various colors. The wishing and welcoming sound of Happy Holi reverberates in every corner of the street. In fact, some say this festival makes enemies become friends. With just a hug, it allows everyone to forget the past and welcome the new relation. 

The common features of Holi festival are exchanging Holi sweets and flowers, gifts, as well as partying and celebration. The whole country and each street are drenched with water and colors. But like most festival, 
it also has a history to tell.


Holi Festival – How Did It All Started?
Holi or also referred to as the color festival came into existence in the tradition of Vaishnavite with the depiction of Divine Krishna, the Vishnu’s last avatar who plays with the women of the Vrindavan as well as Radha, his lover, through sprinkling colors and water on one another with pichkaris or tubes. This festival was actually called Raslila. In India, the burning of bonfires is called Holika Dahan and when combined to Raslila, Holi was the name called for the festival of colors.

Holi also embodies the spirit of love and it symbolizes communal harmony. On the day of its celebration, people exchange gifts and sweets and some colors to celebrate life. Whenever it’s Holi festival, it brings out India’s spirit in a way that no other festivals could. 

Exchange Holi Greetings with Others and Make It More Special with Gifts
Part of this festival is exchanging of warm holi greetings, gifts, dry fruits, chocolates, flowers and sweets.More often than not, elder members of the family distribute the Holi sweets among all family members and each member in the community enjoys the celebration by dancing in the rhythm of the drums or having a simple dinner. For this reason, having Holi gifts can really make a difference as this completes the celebration.
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